Top 10 Pins from the New Collection

The New Collection is here & it’s FABULOUS!

Wow, you have really been pinning and repinning our new collection! Here are our Top 10 most repinned pins from our New Jewelry Collection in the last two weeks! (Click the pic for the link!)

10. Clementine necklace with Posy enhancer and Clementine earrings


9. Chiclet necklace and Double Take enhancer


8. Arizona necklace and bracelet ensemble


7. Right On Time watch


6.Blake ensemble


5.Keep It Personal charms


4. Kaleidoscope necklace


3. Rock It necklace!


 2. Good To Go and Santorini necklaces


1. Infinite Love set of three rings


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My Personal Webpage – Chelsey Knapp

Just a few months ago, we launched our Personal Webpages, and Jewelers using this tool are expressing their great results.  In fact, 98% of our 1,000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own Personal Webpage!

Meet Designer from Brandon, Mississippi, Chelsey Knapp

momThis May will be my 4th anniversary as a Premier Designs Jeweler.  I joined Premier when I was 23 years old to supplement my full-time job.  In June 2013 God called me to leave that job and go full-time with Premier, at the ripe old age of 25.  My why is two-fold.  First, I use my business as a ministry to love on women and offer them amazing opportunities.  Secondly, I’m committed to building my business now, so that when I have a family of my own, I can be a wife and mother who is always available.

I set up my Personal Webpage almost as soon as it was announced (I wanted to win the drawing!). It was super easy to set up, so easy in fact, I haven’t even had to walk any of my team through it.

How I use my Personal Webpage in my business

I love that our catalogs are online. I had been asked for years when that would happen.  It’s a great service we can offer to our Hostesses/Customers to help gather more orders with ease.  Every Hostess is given my webpage for outside sales and for out-of-town family/friends.  It’s also included on the save the date invitation we send out to guests so they get a sneak peek and are even able to order if they’re unable to attend.  I also share my link at my Jewelry Shows so the Customers know they can view online and order from me anytime.

Keepingchelsey knapp christmas It Personal

I love that there’s a direct link to me and my story on my page.  Hostesses and Customers always have access to my webpage and my contact info to share with their friends.  So I really think it’s helped to extend my reach and allowing others to get in contact with me.  I Keep It Personal by making myself available for them to contact me anytime!!

My Hostesses/Customers love the access to online catalogs!  It’s helped them attain outside sales for their shows and given them something to share with all their guests, not limiting them to local friends.  I also feel they would say it’s more professional since my face, information, and story are all accessible.

Having a Personal Webpage has impacted my business

It’s given me confidence that we’re staying current as a company and adapting “Premier-style” alongside our internet-driven world.  I love being able to share that we’re accessible online but that you still need a Jewelry Lady to make a purchase happen.  I love that we can still Keep It Personal that way!  Also, the online catalog has cut down on my postage costs tremendously, as well as, the amount of catalogs I purchase to mail around the country.  Now working Premier full-time, I appreciate every option to be a memphis roundbetter steward of my finances!

I think every Jeweler should have a Personal Webpage!  It’s your storefront and landing page for your business.  Hostesses/Customers need access to your smiling face and your contact info so they can share with their friends!  They need access to online catalogs to increase their show sales and decrease your postage expense.  The evites are incredibly designed and being able to manage guests, send reminders, thank you’s, etc. is just a whole new service to help our Hostesses get involved and connect with their friends. The Personal Webpage is cost-efficient, better serves our Hostesses/Customers, and makes us credible/professional. For less than $10/month, there is NO reason not to have your very own page.

Chelsey Knappfam

We Are Premier – Jenny Briggs

At our January Regional Rallies, 3 Diamond Designer Jenny Briggs from Topeka, KS, was recognized as our Number One Sponsor in the Nation.  Sponsoring 13 new Jewelers between June 18, 2013 through December 13, 2013.  We asked her to share a bit of her Premier story …

A few weeks ago, I was watching ESPN with my husband Ty when a story about a NBA player came on.  In middle school, this young man tragically went blind in one eye.  Even through this trial, he desired to play basketball when he grew up.  But h ow was he going to accomplish this dream with such a handicap?  His mom gave him some good advice: “You have two choices: you can take this situation and use it as an excuse or you can use it as part of your story.”  This statement hit home for me.  Coincidentally, the Home Office contacted me the next day and asked me to submit a blog entry and share part of my Premier story with the Premier Family.  I knew immediately that I could use my struggles as part of my story in hopes that this would bring hope to at least one person.

My Premier journey started in January 2010. 

I attended a Jewelry Show to support my friend who had just started the business.  I was that guest with absolutely39C no fashion sense, praying I would not have to get up in front of the others.  BUT, I was also that guest who left that night interested in Premier.  Back then, I honestly didn’t have plans to do the “jewelry gig” for more than a year.  I had joined only to be able to continue to stay home with our son Cooper until Ty got that next big promotion.  Soon, we were expecting our daughter Claire.

About six months after my start date, my life flipped upside down.

One morning, Cooper and I were running errands.  Suddenly, I felt as though I was going to pass out.  I quickly pulled off the road and called my husband who drove an hour to pick us up.  After a long doctor’s visit, we came to the conclusion that I experienced an anxiety attack.  How incredibly embarrassing?  Have you ever heard of anyone talk about such a thing?  I sure hadn’t, so I decided not to tell anyone!

For months my amazing husband drove me to and from my Jewelry Shows because my anxiety had paralyzed me.  I felt as if I had no hope.  And that is such a scary and lonely place to be.  My Renewal was coming up, but I had already decided that I would leave Premier.  My anxiety had completely taken over my life.  I just couldn’t do it!

Our beautiful daughter Claire was born in December 2010.  Within a few weeks, close friends and family helped me see that I was suffering from post-partum depression.  During that time, I remember holding Claire and just crying all day long while two-year-old Cooper ran in circles screaming.  I just didn’t know what to do.  I had no idea who I was anymore.

Looking back I can see God had His hands in every situation.

The New Year arrived and with it, my Renewal deadline.  Although I voted against it, my husband renewed my contract.  He informed me that Premier had been helping pay our bills and we desperately needed the money.  We were living on breadcrumbs.  He had kept it from me, protecting me, knowing that with my current state of mind, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  After a very dry season and holding only one show in over four months, I decided to drive an hour to Manhattan, Kansas for training with Senior Leader Kelly Musgrove.  I am so glad I went.  Kelly shared about how Premier helped her family get out of a huge financial burden; it was the first time I really felt like Premier could help us do that too.

ty and jennyI knew I had to face my fear. 

It had been almost eight months since my anxiety attack and this would be the very first time I would be driving a long distance.  I made it to training fine and was feeling really good about myself.  But while we were inside, it snowed … alot.  It was still snowing when I started to head home, making visibility terrifying.  It only took about ten minutes for me to go into panic mode.  In tears, I prayed for the first time in a long time that God would take control of the wheel of my life and show me the path He wanted me on.  I was exhausted from trying to control things that were out of my control.

Just a minute later, this truck pulled in front of me.  It had reflective tape all over the back of it; I had never seen so much tape on a vehicle.  By focusing on that tape and knowing God was in control, I followed it for 45 miles and almost all the way home, anxiety-attack free.

Even though I had been encouraged, I still wasn’t convinced Premier was for me.

We were really struggling financially.  The only hope we had to pay our taxes was this Jewelry Show this perfect stranger had booked 9 months before.  It was coming up.  I confess, I had not Hostess Coached her or supported her in any way prior to now.  But, by faith, we held the show.  God was in control and He blessed us by giving us more than we needed to cover our taxes.

We were grateful, but I still questioned if Premier was for me?  That is, until the next day when I heard the song “Something Beautiful” by Needtobreathe.  I cried listening.  My “Something Beautiful” from God was Premier!  And even though I had been trying to avoid it for almost a year, it was part of His plan for my family.  Premier was going to be a priority in my life.  I was going to make it happen, work my business to its fullest potential and share our wonderful opportunity with others!

I got serious!  

In April 2011, I began filling my calendar and sharing Premier like never before.  I refused to let the enemy paralyze me with anxiety.  I was facing my fears with faith again; this time, it was the fear of failure!  And God has blessed my faith and hard work.  In the past three years, I have personally sponsored 50 Jewelers and met some of my best friends through this business.

God blesses us and provides abundantly using Premier every month. 

I am beyond passionate about what this business can do for others, and I believe it’s selfish not to shPhoto Jan 29, 10 04 39 PMare it.  My hope is that our story will inspire someone out there who may feel like they have no hope to face their fears.  In God … we can have hope.  Premier is an amazing opportunity that can give hope to the hopeless.  Never in a million years did I see Premier being more than just a hobby for me, but God definitely had another plan.  May He ALWAYS have all the GLORY!!!

My Personal Webpage – Gina Gravatt

Just a few months ago, we launched our Personal Webpages, and Jewelers using this tool are already expressing their great results.  In fact, 98% of our 1,000 Top Retailers and Sponsors have chosen to set up their own personal webpage!

Meet Four Diamond Designer from Ione, California, Gina Gravatt

Picture6I joined Premier in October 2007.  My original “why” was to create a stream of extra income for our family that would be flexible for me while home schooling our three children (Presley, Kialey and Jace) and serving in full-time ministry.  It only took me six months to realize God brought Premier into our lives so we could share the blessing of this business with others.  Premier has become a second ministry for my family.

Setting up My Personal Webpage and my favorite feature

I set up My Personal Webpage the first day it was made available to Senior Leaders.  I set it up so fast that I don’t even remember any issues during the step-by-step process. The only difficult part was deciding what to write in the message box (which I can change in the snap of my fingers anytime I want, LOVE that!).  My favorite feature of the webpage is the online catalog!  I hold 8-10 Jewelry Shows per month and coach my Hostesses to collect advance orders, so this tool has been huge for my business with about 80% of my Hostesses collecting orders prior to and after the Show!

Using the webpage in conjunction with a Jewelry Show

I coach my Hostess on “How To Have A Successful Show” as soon as we set her date.  I walk her through my step-by-step Hostess instructions, teach her how to show the catalog effectively (I give her 2 caPicture7talogs), and how to use my advance order form and tax sheet.  I let her know that I will email her the link to my webpage and catalog access code.  This is the message I send with that first email to her: “Having a Jewelry Show this Spring is going to be so much FUN because the NEW Jewelry is here!  Woo-Hoo!!!!  And you will earn lots of it for FREE as the Hostess.  How FUN is that!?!?!  Be sure to have your friends who can’t attend your Show and those who live out of the area view the catalog online and let you or me know what they want to order.  It’s that easy!!  Your goal is at least $100 in advance orders so you earn the $50 gift card for extra FREE Jewelry!  I will be in touch soon to see how pre-show orders are going!”

How to Keep It Personal

I feel that staying in contact with my Hostess and giving her ideas on how to have a successful show Keeps It Personal.  The webpage is a tool to assist her in collecting pre and post orders, but it’s only a resourceful tool if I am consistent in my communication with her and continue to encourage her to utilize the online catalog.  Many of my Hostesses create a Facebook event, and I ask them to invite me.  I upload fashion boards and offer special incentives such as “be one of the first ten people to rsvp and arrive on time and you will be entered in a special drawing.”  I also upload the link to Premier’s “Top Jewelry Trends Are Here” video.  After creating excitement and being active with posts in this event, I share the link to my webpage and my access code for the catalog (about 5-6 days prior to the show).  YES, I share it for all invited to the event to see.  WHY?  Because I created dialog and excitement about the Show, I think it is fine for them to view Picture2the catalog before the Show.  My average Show attendance is 8-10 ladies, and often a few more, so sharing the access code has not decreased attendance at my Shows. I actually love when they arrive at the Show asking to see a specific piece in person!

What my Customers and Hostesses think about My Personal Webpage

Hostesses LOVE the online catalog access since often a co-worker has walked off with their catalog and they have others who want to see it.  I love when I get emails or phone calls from Customers asking my opinion about pieces as they are trying to decide on their order.  The quick and easy access to view our Jewelry takes stress off both Hostesses and Customers and they feel Premier is “up with the times”.

I recently had a Hostess, a nurse in the labor and delivery unit of a hospital, who couldn’t find her catalog to collect post-Show orders at work.  Well, with no babies being born during a shift, a group of them accessed the online catalog and texted me 4 orders with a retail of almost $300. Because this tool was right at their fingertips when they had a few minutes, they could do that!  It was beneficial for both the Hostess and me that the catalog was right there to access (and of course that no babies decided to arrive during that shift, lol).

Picture1How my webpage has positively impacted my business

Increased RETAIL!  My average Show has increased since the online catalog became available last fall by approximately $200-300/show.  I attribute that to Hostess Coaching and staying in communication with her, but also know that teaching her to utilize the online catalog for pre and post orders was a big factor.  This tool has DECREASED my postage cost for sure.  Yes, I still mail catalogs from time-to-time per individual requests but nowhere near the number I was sending before.  THANKS Premier for giving us this wonderful tool!

Are you a New Jeweler and considering getting your own Personal Webpage?

I highly encourage NEW Jewelers to have a Personal Webpage.  Choose the month to month option and try it out for 3 months.  Selling a $20 piece of Jewelry each month pays the monthly fee.  With Hostess Coaching, your Hostess will know how to collect advance orders using the online catalog.  You personally can share the online catalog with your out-of-area friends and family for individual orders or catalog Shows. You will not only benefit financially from having a Personal Webpage, but it’s an excellent way to market your business locally and beyond.