Take Joy in Keeping It Personal

With Grammy at Rally - I stood in line for a picture!“Invest love, encouragement and the personal touch, and it will help you build a successful business, and a successful life.”

~Joan Horner

Last summer, as I cleaned out the attic and poured through a dozen boxes of “keepsakes,” I found this picture (below) along with a very personal and precious note.

And if I close my eyes, I can step back into it: cool summer breeze, the stretching Texas sunset, mesmerizing waves on the lake crashing against the shore, barefoot friends with endless laughter and story telling. No phones rang, no televisions buzzed. Simple. Quiet. We were present.

PBB Reunion 2006And then … I plug back into the world. Technology. Convenience.Read More »

~Unforgettable Woman~

Remembering Joan Horner

May is a very special month to me because of some very amazing women in my life. As Mother’s Day approaches, I think of my mom, of course! She was a wonderful mom and I miss her very much. But I also think of Joan, peggy2014Tim’s Mom. Sometimes Mother’s Day would even fall on Joan’s birthday, May 12. My sister Suzan’s birthday is also May 12.  So that day is especially meaningful to me.

Joan was my boss when I came to work at Premier. Little did I know what the future would hold and that she would become my mother-in-law, mentor and Bible study teacher. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. She had such a gift of writing and expressing herself. I loved listening to her at Rally. When she spoke, we were always left with special golden nuggets of her wisdom that we could hold on to and learn from.Read More »

Remembering My Mom

tim_horner2014May is a busy month with a lot of events and celebrations. If you’re a sports fan, you probably watch the Indianapolis 500 car race and the Kentucky Derby; baseball season is going strong and students are celebrating the end of school and looking forward to the summer. But of all the events that take place in May, Mother’s Day is the one that is particularly meaningful to me.

I remember being in church many times with my mom on Mother’s Day. All of the mothers were asked to stand so they could be recognized. Then it was especially fun to watch as they counted up to the oldest mom present and then honored her with flowers as she proudly announced her age. After church, we would go to lunch and laugh together. Another reason this month is important to the Horner Family is because May 12 is Mom’s birthday. This year she would have celebrated her 90th birthday—and what a celebration that would have been—maybe even a giant party at a Texas Rangers’ baseball game!Read More »


Spring has arrived and the flowers are blooming. On May 12th we remember Joan’s birthday. She was so special to me. It took a miracle from Goda&j-lobby portrait to give me Joan as my wife. Most of you know the story. It should never have happened, but I am so thankful it did. She was a wonderful mom to our five kids and a great wife to me. Her family was richly blessed by her devotion to the Lord and her passion for them to know His Word.

Without a doubt, she was the driving spiritual influence and encourager over the years in Premier. Her great joy was to love people and enrich their lives. She set the spiritual tone for honoring God in every aspect of our business. One thing she loved was God’s Word and she selected our Verses of the Year. She helped us to understand not only what they meant but how they applied to our lives. She showed us how to live them out.Read More »