The Personal Touch

Excerpted from a speech given by Joan at the 2007 National Rally


Without friends, I would think my life was not complete. Our friends become real treasures. A perfect definition of friendship is this: “Turning complete strangers into friends is what friendship is all about—for all of us.” Isn’t that cool?  We all begin as complete strangers and by keeping it personal, we make lasting friendships. That is the personal touch.

Women need women at all stages of their lives. We all need that personal touch.We need other gals to come alongside and speak our language. We learn from each other while not realizing that or understanding it.

There are several ways for us to build personal relationships into
strong friendships.

  • Foremost is personal contact—enjoying each others company
    face to face.
  • There is the personal phone call. So much is communicated by the voice. I am sure you have all heard volumes in the words spoken. My friends will say, “You sound so tired today.” Or, “Wow, you must have had a wonderful day.” Or, “Is there something going on…I can tell by your voice.” We can hear so much on the phone.
  • There are handwritten words where much is communicated, but not as solidly as hearing the voice personally.

Premier Designs is different and unique. There are several reasons for that. When the Southwest Entrepreneur of the Year award was presented to us they made mention of the different business culture we had built. We were pleased to hear that and gave God the glory for all the commendations we received.

That different culture was easy for us to identify. One of our purposes is to honor God. The Lord is in our business. We believe He raised up Premier Designs for such a time as this. I also am convinced that the difference between Premier and other companies of similar size is that we have a purpose of enriching lives and serving others. That is the real personal touch!

My personal mission in Premier is very simple. I have committed to keep the culture of Premier on a personal level from top to bottom and from side to side. I am asking each one of you to help me to Keep It Personal.


Getting to know you!

by Andy Horner

What does listening mean to you?

There was a real popular song many years ago from the musical, The King and I, called Getting to Know You —“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me….”
We live in a world of words, and yet it seems we talk more, but communicate less! That makes it hard to really know someone.

Good listening is so crucial for effective communication. People believe generally that being the speaker is more important than being the listener—it’s the way you get people to do what you want them to do, understand you, be impressed by you.

There’s no denying the importance of talking, but conversation is two-sided. It’s talking with people, not at them. What kind of countless situations do you find yourself in when it’s important to understand what the other person is saying?

  • a friend asking for a favor
  • your child telling you about their field trip coming up
  • a Jeweler in your downline sharing why she missed training
  • important business information shared from the Home Office

Every day people try to communicate with us, and it’s our responsibility to listen and to listen well. They want to feel listened to because it makes them feel cared about and special.

There are many reasons why we do not listen well and maybe you can add to the ones below.

Preoccupation or Daydreaming. Our to-do lists are never ending, our calendars full, we do not have a spare minute to give someone else because we are filling our mind with chores, problems, and ideas. We are unable to give our focus to another person.

Attitude. I’ve shared many times how vital it is to have a good attitude to be successful and it’s just as important to being a good listener. Moods or feelings may color our thinking and block us from being able to listen objectively and openly.

Self-centeredness. We all have the tendency to believe that what we have to say is the most important. (Could also be called argumentativeness when we have to make our own point instead of understanding one another.)

Busy-ness. It takes time to communicate, and it seems the more intelligent man gets, the more gadgets we create, the less time we have for each other… “I’m so busy.”

Jumping to conclusions. It’s easy to judge, evaluate, approve or disapprove too hastily.

The greatest thing we can do for another person is to truly listen to what they’re saying. Seek understanding and respond, not react, to them appropriately. Yes, it takes a lot of self-discipline, but when we listen, we can recognize the needs and motives behind the words, and we can show that person we care and are interested in them. Becoming a better listener makes us more effective as a leader and friend.

Listening Is a Part of Love!



Celebrating the Start of our 30th Year!

Today is a very special day! 29 years ago, on November 5th, 1985, Premier Designs was incorporated. It was a wonderful day; I remember it well!Picture1 One that Joan and I had prayed about for a long time. It is absolutely amazing what God has done and is doing through this company dedicated to serving others and honoring Him.

As we start our 30th year – WOW – I want to give you a BIG CONGRATULATIONS and thank each of you for being a part of the Premier Family. You are so special and have contributed to the success of Premier these 29 years.

As in any venture, there have been ups and downs, heartaches and happiness. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been most worthwhile. Even through the painful times, there has been an inner peace that can only come from God.

One of the keys to our endurance is our total belief that God is in this business. We have relied on His Word and still do, seeking God’s will and direction. He gave Joan and me many verses of promise. These promises were written down and prayed about daily before founding Premier. These promises helped us to acquire a confidence that gave us hope, strength and assurance to carry on, and on, and on.

Promises – God’s promises – mean a lot to me. Since I was a little boy, my mother taught me that every promise in the Book was mine. Here are a couple of the many …

Picture2“Being confident of one thing, that God who began a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1:6

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’” says the Lord. “’They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’” – Jeremiah 29:11

I am amazed at what God is doing. Our basic establishments of Premier have not changed – our Philosophy, our Purpose, our Plan. We are built on the Biblical Principles of giving, loving and serving others. Premier is a company that is permeated with service.

There is not another company on earth that has been blessed with people who care, share and who have the vision of Premier. There are still many, many people who need encouragement, who need to be reaffirmed of their worth, who need fellowship, who need financial security. Our Purpose to enrich every life we touch can never be fulfilled. Yes, Premier can be the answer! We must remember, it’s in the enriching of others that we, the Premier Family, are enriched. May I remind you that the road to future success is called SERVICE. In building Premier, we must stay on this road to fulfill its purpose and bless all who are involved.

Pray for us as we seek God’s wisdom and direction, and we will give God the glory as the miracles continue. We are thankful for the past, rejoicing in the present and hopeful for the future.

To God be the glory,